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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 28, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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before unmubarak. they had to play it down. now they can come out. >> you want to keep torture in place, fine go ahead. the guy was a torturer and murderer and he's almost dead and we are better off for it. >> sean: so is the brotherhood. >> the brotherhood is going to be fine. >> sean: that's all the time we have left. greta is next. thanks for being here. >> greta: minutes ago president obama announcing wednesday is the day. is it? the united states will turnover command and control of operation odyssey dawn to nato. the united states a huge part of nato? how much is the u.s. still on the hook? who will issue the orders? john bolton is here to go on the record. now, president obama, a few minutes ago. >> the president: gadhafi declared he would show no mercy to his own people if we waited one more day, benghazi, a city nearly the size of charlotte, could suffer a massacre that would have
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reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world. it was not in our national interests to let that happen. i refused to let that happen. in this particular country, libya, at this particular moment, we were faced with the prospect of violence on a horrific scale. we had a unique ability to stop that violence. international mandate for action. a coalition prepared to join us. the support of arab countries. and a plea for help from the libyan people themselves. moreover, america has an important strategic interest in preventing gadhafi from overrunning those who oppose him. a massacre would have driven thousands of additional refugees across libya's borders. putting enormous strains on the peaceful, yet fragile transitions in egypt and
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tunisia. >> greta: donald trump is also talking about libya. he's showing us his birth certificate. why? donald trump wants the president to show his. he will go on the record and tell you himself. >> first, breaking news, sarah palin joins us with reaction to the president's speech. governor, having her the speech what is the reason that you understand to be why we are -- why we participated in this military action in libya? >> i think that was a profoundly disappointing speech. it proved that the obama doctrine still full of chaos and questions. it is dodgey, dubious. good question that you asked. we are not hearing from our president what is the end game here? with gadhafi still in power, if we're not going to oust him via killing or capturing, there is no acceptable end state. it is very disappointing we didn't hear that commitment from our president that america's interests lie in gadhafi being ousted.
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without that being met, i have to again ask why in the world will our military might be used according to the u.n. and arab league desires and nato's leadership in this skirmish or this war or whatever it is that obama calls it or doesn't want to call it. >> greta: usually on speeches like this, there are two purposes. one substantively to explain to the american people why we are doing the military action, whatever. the other to inspire us to feel proud of what we are doing and this is the right decision. i thought tonight that he felt -- that he had a flat delivery. that he lost the inspiration part. so it was hard to be convinced of the substantive purpose part. >> well, he did not articulate what our purpose was. except some inconsistent humanitarian effort in libya. yet, the inconsistency lies with the questions now being asked, why not darfur, north
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korea? what are we going to do about syria? all these other areas where i guess america could intervene with our power and resources to help humanity. not make the case for this intervention. u.s. interests have to be met if we are going to intervene. u.s. interests can't just mean validating some kind of post american theory of intervention, wherein, we wait for the arab league and the united nations to tell us thumbs up america you can go now and act and get on the -- get in the back of the bus and wait for the french to lead us. that's not inspirational. >> greta: i must confess when i heard reports that gadhafi was saying he would show no mercy to his people and compared them to rats and threatened to go door-to-door, when that was going on, it was so horrible that -- now with 20/20 hindsight, it easy for me to think why is this
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military action for this humanitarian purpose, when more people are dying in other parts of the world? >> that's a good question. that's the 600 million dollar a day question that is being asked now. because that's the cost incurred by americans as we support the no-fly zone. which of course the no-fly zone the intervention or enactment is turning into more than that. again, disappointing speech. because we didn't get the answers. we want to though what is the end game? u.s. interests are gadhafi's gotta go, killing or capturing, he's got to go because he's going to seek revenge on the united states of< america. that will be his modus operandi from here on out he will sponsor terrorism unless he's gone. >> greta: the president does say he's dangerous. saying the goal is not regime change. i suppose he will continue to be dangerous. i don't know what nato's response is. on the website nato said their goal is to be impartial.
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i thought what in the world is that? implementing resolution 1973, impartial, how can you be impartial we you are flying over some country and shooting off missiles. it doesn't seem to be impartial. nato said the goal is protect civilians and civilian population areas under threat of attack. i'm not sure if that is well defined. maybe you can't define -- >> if we were going to protect civilians doesn't that mean getting rid of the bad guy? he said gadhafi was the bad guy when those of us supported the no-fly zone. then the tune changed coming from the white house. >> greta: you raise something interesting. i don't mean to interrupt you. in the president's speech and in multiple speeches even ambassador to the u.n. susan rice said gadhafi had lost his legitimacy. the fact is, he never had it. he took over this country in the late 60s in a coup.
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even sort of the concept that he lost it, he never had it. that's sort of an unusual way to look at his -- suddenly something has happened now he's suddenly bad. he's been a horrible persons since day one. >> right. in these 42 years there have been atrocities conducted by gadhafi. i too wonder why now? why not earlier? what is the imperative natureóvt of this action today? one of the president's senior national security advisers was reported saying we don't make -- based on consistency or precedent. it means this intervention is by ad hoc policy. obama is ignoring history and engaging in inconsistency. it is making many of us distrust what it is we are doing in libya and making us wonder what is the end game where do we go next with the other countries that are
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certainly suffering from a turmoil. inconsistency tonight articulated by our president made things worse. >> greta: in time of war we are supposed to drop politics. neither side is to take any shots politically. tonight boehner made a statement saying americans response to the speech, americans have no answer to the fundamental question what does success in libya look like? he's a republican. now what a democrat has say. this is senator, one of my colleagues caught up with. he gave the speech, b+ or a- then what are the details of u.s. involvement? what is are the ramifications of the ongoing war in afghanistan? he complain about the cost. he says time going to make sure this is paid out of existing funds. he said the u.s. needs to do a better job for planning for such things. we you have a democratic u.s.
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senator who has so many questions after hearing the speech. you wonder how -- whether this was the right speech at the right time for this president. >> yeah. those are very legitimate questions on both sides of the aisle. another big question that has to be asked, are we at war? i haven't her the president say that we are at war. -- i haven't heard the president say that we are at war. i too many not knowing do we use intervention, war, skirmish, what is it. u.s. interests are not being met if gadhafi stays in power and if we are taking a backseat to the arab league, united nations, nato leadership. while we put our finger up in the air and decide what the political winds are around the world. not necessarily knowing and believing that the u.s. interests must come first in this. >> greta: in reviewing his speech what he said tonight and rereading it several times. there are a lot of nuances. i thought, if in times of war
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that you have to explain it in nuances it does mean that you don't have a clear sense of why we are there. what we're doing. what our objective is. when you have to go well it is a little bit this, a little that. that's what i found disconcerting. >> that's disconcerting. i had a little hope when he mentioned the north star. i mentioned the north star so often. part of the alaska -- we are able to use as our gps as our plum line. the great north star with its abiding light, over land and sea, beacon bright. we look at the north star and it helps me stay focused on what matters. when the president mentioned the north star tonight, i thought maybe he gets it. maybe he understands what the u.s. interests are how committed we need to be in to winning. and yet, even from there, the reference to the north star, he kind of wandered off again. allowed more of the inconsistencies and questions and the dubious rational being
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used, more of that. just was being revealed. >> greta: governor, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> greta: the president said wednesday is the magic day. the day the united states will hanover to nato the chance of the military response in libya. who is nato? who is the backbone of nato? who is going to be calling all the shots? john bolton joins us. good evening. i understand the whole purpose of trying to pass this off to nato because the united states is very unpopular in wars in muslim countries, i got that. are we passing it off to nato or are we still pulling the strings if from behind the scenes? >> well, only if you consider giving it over to nato is like handing it from your right hand to your left hand. president obama may be the own person in the world who doesn't understand that nato is the extension of american military power in europe and the mediterranean. i'm very happy it is nato as opposed to some other miscellaneous unnamed
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foreigner that he seemed to want to hand it off to before. supreme commander of nato is an american. operational commander here is a canadian. all of the intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, communications backbone of the operation will remain american in military sense, i'm very happy with that. unfortunately, it is the political direction that we still don't have from the president. >> greta: ambassador, when this first happened, and i read all the horrible things that gadhafi was threatening to do to his people, as i watched the video from libya it enraged me and i tend to want to do the humanitarian thing as well. now list anyone to the president try to nuance what we are doing and having a greater opportunity to reflect on other parts of the world, it seems there is no clear direction. maybe he's a little -- maybe he also likewise felt like i did and regrets it. >> i don't know the speech was
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a diagnosis's breakfast as far as i was concerned. there wasn't much that was new. what was new was trivial. i can'( brain. what i can say is the united states has a strategic interest in removing muammar gadhafi from power. >> greta: that is not the goal. he specifically said, that's not happening. that's not our mission. >> he's flatly wrong on that that's why we risk getting into a muddle that could last for sometime. that's the objective we should pursue. we are fairly close to it, given the performance of our military. that is an understandable goal. a gel that does have american strategic interest at its base. that's what we ought to be pursuing. >> greta: if gadhafi doesn't go we hand this off to nato wednesday. gadhafi doesn't go, what happens?
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>> well, there are two possibilities. one, he ultimately prevails. or at least he keeps control of a significant part of libya. there i think it is nearly inevitable he returns to international terrorism and quite likely he returns to his pursuit of nuclear weapons. there's another possibility, that is we have a long term low-grade civil war. and a good part of the libyan coast dissolves into anarchy. like somalia today that gives al-qaeda and other terrorists the potential base of operations. you cannot even perform the president's humanitarian mission of protecting the libyan people unless you remove the principle cause of concern, which is muammar gadhafi. any way you cut this it seems if we don't get rid of gadhafi the outcome is going to be undesirable from our point of view. >> greta: jennifer griffin one of my colleagues here, reported the pentagon is watching a particular area in libya, suspicious there are
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chemical weapons there, mustard gas, but they don't think it is weaponized yet. i'm curious if you know how quickly you can weaponize something like mustard gas? >> what gadhafi can do is pour it on people's heads. the weaponization capability was taken away. i'm not aware of any new capability that he's gotten. i would still worry about that material in terms of -- so it fall into anybody else's hands if nothing else many in terms of him using it, it is very unlikely. >> greta: looking at the president's speech tonight, what did you think? >> i thought it was pathetic. he's got american fighting men and women in harm's way. he's failed to give us an adequate justification for it. it is not enough to say i did this for humanitarian purposes. the real question is, how many americans are you willing to sacrifice for your humanitarian objections? we don't know a lot about the
10:16 pm
opposition. we don't know whether they are not prepareed to commit the same kind of humanitarian abuses against gadhafi supporters. >> greta: cold question. we've lost an american, in this -- we have not lost an american in this operation. >> thank god. >> greta: but we've spent a lot of money. is it wore the money if we tone lose any american lives? >> it is worth -- it is worth the money if we achieve a worthwhile objecty. if the objective turn out to be we have a no-fly zone that lasts for a long time that leaves gadhafi in power. as we had a no-fly zone for a long time that left saddam hussein in power. we are going to regret this. we have to keep our eye on the ball. here the removal of gadhafi from power. >> greta: do you think the president regrets this action after watching the speech tonight or not? do you think he still thinks this is the right thing to do? >> i think he doesn't understand what he has done. i think he made the decision on the fly. i think he was worry the brits
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and french were going to move ahead with a security council resolution and we would be standing by watching it happen. he has his chronology wrong. he talked about saving benghazi. but authorized us to support resolution on the use of force before it became clear benghazi was about to fall. in this speech the security council resolution is a self-licking ice cream cone. we need the resolution to authorize the action then we have to undertake the action to uphold the security council resolution. >> greta: one last question. 33 billion dollars in frozen assets, any way we can access that? any legal way, you are a lawyer and diplomat, to pay for the cost of this? >> well, i think we should certainly take a look at it. i do not favor arming the rebels. i don't think we know enough about them. some of that money could be used for humanitarian assistance to the refugees and others. >> greta: how about pay back on all those cruise missiles?
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>> sounds good to me. >> greta: we'll see was. thank you, sir. >> straight ahead, guess what costs 3.2 million dollars? we'll tell you. >> news out of wisconsin. has government walker just outsmarted the judge who blocked his new collective bargaining law? thousands of state workers are furious again. >> also, bill maher and hbo strike again. degrading women. what women this time? why does hbo do this? don't women work at hbo? kirsten powers is here. >> donald trump demanding to see president obama's birth certificate what brought this up? we asked him. >> is he going to run for president? we asked. stay tuned. ♪
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>> greta: new confusion and outrage in wisconsin. is wisconsin governor's controversial collective bargaining law in effect or not? it depends on how ask. governor walker says yes, the law is in effect. jump across the aisle to the democrats they say no the law is not in effect. the bill published friday not by the secretary of state despite the fact the judge put a stop on the law by issue you go a temporary restraining order -- what is going on in wisconsin. mike, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me on. >> greta: explain wisconsin law. i understood once the law is signed by the governor you hand it to the secretary of state in this case he publishes it is law. before he did that, the judge issued a temporary restraining
10:23 pm
order saying they violated some open rules. then what happened? >> actually what you said earlier was the secretary of state publishes the bill. that's not true. according to our statutes the legislative reference bureau publishes the bill. the secretary of state sets the date for publication. and he did. he said on the 25th, the bill should be published. the bureau did publish the bill friday which means it goes into effect the next day. the only statutory requirement left is on the executive branch, specifically the department of administration to begin to enforce that bill that's what we've begun to do today. >> greta: i get it. that lit everybody on fire. if the secretary of state it is going to be published on a certain day and has the reference bureau which has carried out that is the secretary of state angry at the reference bureau? >> i'm not sure hot secretary of state angry at. the temporary restraining or
10:24 pm
that the judge put forth was on the secretary of state saying he shouldn't publish the bill. the statute's don't require him to do so. the reference bureau does. they published the bill. the secretary of state is saying whatever he will. as you said there's a court case tomorrow on it. the judge will undoubtedly take another look. even the attorney general here in wisconsin today said that the bill is now law. >> greta: of course he's a republican. you have to look at the party aspect of this. who is in charge of the legislative reference bureau? >> the legislative reference bureau works for the legislature. it is directly answerable to the is amendmentably and senate here in wisconsin. >> greta: who made the decision to actually publish it? you say the secretary of state told the bureau when. somebody in the reference bureau had to carry it out. who made that decision? >> director of the bureau steve miller. it is his job as he looked at the statute and saw his responsibility to publish that
10:25 pm
bill. as we were watching on friday at about 3:15 the bureau posted on the website that the bill had been published. and it was enacted into law. >> greta: a republican or democrat, steve miller? >> i don't believe he has a partisan -- we have bureaus that work for us, fiscal, reference, legislative council. they are staunchly nonpartisan. >> greta: this is more administerial rather than political? >> correct. much like the secretary of state's job. >> greta: 30 seconds left. everyone must be pretty upset tonight. there must be happy and unhappy people in wisconsin tonight on this. >> certainly. they were friday. obviously, this will be shaken out in the courts. as we go forward for the week ahead, it will be the important job of the department of administration to begin to enforce the law that is now in place and begin to implement the portions of
10:26 pm
the law that will affect the state workers and of course their contributions to their own health care and pensions. as well as receiving back their union dues. >> greta: this has so many twists and turns. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, is it all about the ratings? is money more important to hbo than treating conservative female politicians with some respect? comedian bill maher once again using his hbo show to degrade women. does he think it is funny? does hbo? >> donald trump insists the president should produce his birth certificate. why is trump so fired up about this issue? he will tell you, straight ahead. ♪ proud to stand on our own ♪ proud to be homegrown
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>> greta: don't you love the guys who degrade women and then pretend to be big supporters of women's rights? example, bill maher. he must like to degrade women because he does it often and hides it by saying it is comedy. apparently, hbo who pays him is fine with that. his latest targets, two women who have achieved more than he has. former governor sarah palin and congresswoman michelle bachmann. he's attacking two conservative women politicians hoping to line hbo's pockets and his own. >> michelle bachmann threw her hat into the ring kind of.
10:31 pm
for those who find sarah palin too intellectual. [ laughing ] >> michelle bachmann for president. as a comedian all i have to say is where can i donate to this cause? [ applause ] >> i loved it. bachmann and palin get in that's two bimbos and there's mitt romney a millionaire. and newt gingrich a professor. we just need a skipper and a buddy and we've got gilligan's island. >> greta: me where you slice it, he does it often. why? kirsten powers join us. he calls two women bimbos, romney a millionaire not insulting and gingrich, a professor, also not an insult. what is with this? >> can we back up. you said he supports women's rights, i wasn't aware of that.
10:32 pm
>> greta: i heard him on a television show the other night lamenting about things happening to women in afghanistan. the conversation with the other person was surprising as well. nonetheless. >> you learn something new everyday. way that he seems to talk about at least sarah palin this isn't the first thing he has said about her that is offensive. what he said before was something we can't say on the air. i do tend to take the view that he's a comedian, so he gets more latitude. if he's going to put himself out there as a progressive and claim that he cares about women's rights, then yeah he's going to be held to that standard. people want to say that michelle bachmann and sarah palin are bimboes. he's just giving voice to what a lot of liberals say. they just don't say it on the air. i don't support them. i can tell that you is ridiculous. >> greta: he hides behind the comedian, everybody laughs.
10:33 pm
there are many great comedians like seinfeld. he never demeaned women. you don't have to go there. whatever you think -- you can challenge these women or any others on the issues. we you constantly use -- even comedy and you use comedy constantly it ends up on the person's gravestone and you can't get it off. it is not decent. >> it also degrades all women. when you do this, you can choose these two women but it degrades all women because it happens so frequently to women who run for office, who are in politics. if they are not being called bimbos they are being called scheming climbers who are overly ambitious the way hillary clinton was there. is always some way to demean them and put them in their place. it isn't a minor thing. i think he's somebody who has shown that he's pretty willing to offend anybody. he said pretty incredible things about muslims. he hates christians.
10:34 pm
this is somebody who i think is sort of an equal opportunity offender in many ways. >> greta: i'm curious, take hbo, at some point, would think maybe they would care a little bit. >> a little bit. >> greta: maybe the women who work there might cringe a little bit. >> well, he probably has liberal women working for him. we#) know that most liberal women are happy to sit by when conservative women are demeaned. >> greta: that the problem? >> yeah. >> greta: conservative women may laugh at liberal women being insult subtled. liberal women may laugh when conservative women are. the bottom line it is still a degradation of them. >> exactly right. and that's why it is important to speak up about it, even we it is the person that you don't support. because it hurts all women. >> greta: and indeed it does. kirsten nice to see you.
10:35 pm
>> thank you greta. >> greta: robert gibbs interviewing, he may have landedded a new job with big dollars. he could be the envy of facebook fans around the world. >> first donald trump on fire. he's going after president obama and his birth certificate. trump who may run for president says president obama is spending millions to hide his past. donald trump goes on the record.
10:36 pm
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42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer. welcome to the darker side [music playing] confidence available in color. depend® colors for women. looks and fits like underwear. protects like nothing else. depend®. good morning. great day. >> greta: there's much more ahead. but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: new pools of radioactive water found leaking from japan's crippled fukushima nuclear plant. tokyo electric power says plutonium has been detected in the soil outside of the plant. the amount is said to be and not to pose a risk to the public. discovery of the plutonium had been expected. new tests have found contamination in the ocean has spread a mile north. but is still inside the 12
10:40 pm
mile evacuation zone. >> funeral mass for geraldine ferraro will be held thursday in new york city. the first woman to run for vice president. democrat walter mondale choosing her as his running nate 1984. the former congresswoman passing away saturday from blood cancer. the services will be private. she was 75-years-old. i'm ainsley earhart, back to greta. >> greta: donald trump is fired up about 2012. he seems to have his eye on the white house. will he run? right now he's not backing down from a firestorm he has revved up over president obama's birth certificate. we asked donald trump what's got him all fired up? nice to have you join us. >> thank you greta. >> greta: you are stirring up so much trouble. every time i turn on the tv on "the view" or places you are
10:41 pm
demanding a birth it is from the -- a birth certificate the president? why aren't you satisfied he was born in the united states? >> they asked me the question. i said wayne to see his birth can i. somebody asked today can i see your birth certificate, i had in less than an hour. i ed that on the view. whoopi who is a from of mine, i did a movie cameo for her. whoopi said if that were a white man you wouldn't be asking that question i said what does this have to do with race? has absolutely nothing to do with race. the fact is, if you look at what has happened, with respect to this birth certificate issue, he doesn't have it. he spent millions of dollars on lawyers trying to get out of the issue. they get what is called a certificate of live birth which doesn't have a signature and anybody can get a certificate of live birth. nothing to do with a birth can
10:42 pm
i. they are reeling. now, they -- they talk all sorts of things. you don't have a doctor, a nurse. here's the president of the united states, no doctor, no nurse, nobody has come forward saying i delivered that beautiful baby. there are so many things. even if you look at the newspaper, the so call newspaper article in hawaii, that was days after he was born. so that wind like when he was born. if you think about a couple of things, whoever took a newspaper advertisement? these were poor people. these aren't rich people. whoever took a newspaper advertisement to announce the birth of your baby? i don't think you know of anybody. i know of nobody. i know poor people and rich people, but i've never heard of taking a newspaper ad to advertise that you have a baby. that's one. you have this beautiful governorf3luñ, a democratic governor that says 50 years ago, he remembers, okay, he remembers when obama was born. i bet he didn't even know the
10:43 pm
parents 50 years ago. i think it is absolutely insane. what he's doing is taking a bullet for the party by making a statement that i remember. i've been into this issue for a couple of weeks. and i'm start fog get very concerned. the fact is -- i'm starting to get very concerned. the fact is, if you are not born in this country you cannot run for president. if arnold schwarzenegger wanted to run for a president. he's a from of mine, a good man. he can't run, because he wasn't born in this country. >> greta: here's my thought. first of all, i don't know about the article, whether he had to pay for the article or not. as for the birth certificate, i haven't seen mine in years. i have a passport and the president has a passport having traveled at one time, i had to surrender a birth can i. i suspect that when he got his passport he had to provide a valid birth certificate in is the most incredible -- this doesn't hurt the democratic party. this is how they are raising
10:44 pm
funds. using all this controversy saying please money because the republican are going after him about his birth certificate. >> i don't think it is. i disagree with you 100%. i is going on over the internet. i see the questions asked. people have -- you have to understand, terrible term the word birther. a birther is a person that wants -- these are great americans in many cases, in most cases. they want to see the president was born in this country. they want to see the president actually has a birth certificate. i don't think it is helping him at all. i wish it did help him, to be honest, i want him to have a birth can i that would mean that his presidency -- a birth certificate. that would mean his presidency is illegal. you have to be born in the united states. i hope he was born in the united states. i hope that he -- i want to get rid of the word hope. i want to know for sure. i hope that he was born in the united states. and i hope this doesn't become a big issue. i will tell you, if you look at the internet and the kind
10:45 pm
of questions, this is not an issue that is popular for them, believe me. >> greta: now let's turn to your quest for the white house. you haven't said you are in, out you haven't denied you have some interest. last time i spoke to you, since the last time has your interest grown greater? is the likelihood greater that you are going to run for president or less? >> i don't want to classify it as grayer or less. i have an amazing interest, a very strong interest in running. i hate what shopping to this country. i hate what opec is doing to us. your oil and gasoline are going to be costing so much. oil is going up to $150 a barrel it is already way over $100. oil at these levels, we cannot sustain ourselves as a great country, we can that's the blood, that's the blood of the country. we cannot sustain ourselves as a great country. opec is whipping us. we have nobody to tell them what to do. china is taking all of our jobs. they are making all of our
10:46 pm
products. then loaning us money and we are paying interest to them. it cannot happen. we could stop that very easily, if we had the right people in office >> greta: i guess it reminds me what one of the co-chair men of the debt commission said we have a promise treaty to protect taiwan from china and we have to borrow money from china in order to do it. >> how about our new war that we have with libya? the arab league, you know that is saudi arabia and a couple of other of the richest nations in the world. they want us to fight. so they said get he's an enemy, fight, fight, fight. they said we'll be with you. guess what, nobody has seen 'em. we've now spent a billion dollars on libya. and why isn't saudi arabia paying us? they have so much money it is coming out of their ears. why isn't saudi arabia paying us for the kind of -- what we've done is unbelievable in a short period of time. now, if he was going to do it, he's two weeks too late. because it could have been
10:47 pm
over quickly. but he waited too long. for getting about that. why isn't saudi arabia paying us? why aren't they reimbursing us for a billion dollars in costs? you have to ask who are we fighting for? they talk about the rebels. i hear on fairly good information that the rebels are closely associated with iran. and they are closely associated with al-qaeda. now, what are we gonna do? put iran into libya? we are spending a billion dollars and nobody is paying us back? nobody is reimbursing us. one final point, china, is the big user of oil from libya. so why china involved? why are we doing this? >> greta: what is your theory as to why we picked libya? we could have picked any of the other countries where there was turmoil, tunisia, yemen, egypt, syria. i realize there are other reasons not to pick those countries, why libya?
10:48 pm
>> i guess they felt was an easy target he was the most unpopular. he's nice compared to what they are doing in some of these other countries. compared to what i'm seeing is happening in some of the other countries. on those countries we are not doing anything they figured he's unpopular, let's go after him. his oil from the standpoint of oil and even the standpoint of importance isn't as important as you very well know as some of the other countries that you are talking about. ask yourself, china gets its oil from libya. they are the largest customer, why aren't they involved? why is the united states footing a bill over a billion dollars so far and china is not involved? why isn't saudi arabia and the so-called arab league who is now gone, we done hear from them any more, why the arab league paying us for this? >> greta: what is your theory we tricked into doing this by those other entities? what is your theory as to why
10:49 pm
we ended up there? >> i think the all time classic is where france, the great french military power that france let -- led us into war and they wanted to be first. their planes went over first and hit first. but they haven't been too involved since then. in other words, they are getting some of the credit, if you call it credit and we are footing the bill. and we are the only ones that can really do the job. we have a great military. and we should make it greer -- make it greater. because we need a great military with the world imploding as it is. why isn't china paying? why isn't saudi arabia paying? this is what is wrong with our country. we have people that truly have no clue as to what they are doing, leading our country. >> greta: donald, thank you, always nice to talk to you. >> thank you very much. >> greta: what do facebook's mark zuckerberg and robert gibbs have in common? more than you think. we'll tell you, next. >> also, what is going on with
10:50 pm
vice president biden? his staff throws a reporter in a closet and they shut the door? we are not kidding. how long was the reporter in the class set? that bizarre story is straight an -- in the closet? that bizarre story is straight ahead. ♪ eggland's best eggs. -the best in nutrition... -just got better. even better nutrition -- high in vitamins d, e and b12. a good source of vitamin b2. plus omega threes. and 25% less saturated fat than ordinary eggs. but there's one important ingredient that hasn't changed.
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. imagine this, you're invited
10:54 pm
to a fundraiser. when you arrive you are stuck in a closet. that happened to a reporter covering an event where vice president biden was speaking. scott powers was held in a storage closet to prevent him from mingling with guests before the event. he says he waited in the closet more than an hour before he was escorted to the speech. when the speech was over he was forced back into the closet until the vice president left. a spokesperson for vice president biden apologized to powers saying they are sorry there wasn't a better hold room. we are afraid to ask what would have happened if the closet was unavailable. >> looks like robert gibbs could have a new job. reports that the former white house press secretary is in talks with facebook. fast book has its eye on gibbs for a senior role in helping manage communications. the talks are still at an early stage. no formal offer has been made. gibbs left the white house in february after two years. he was planning to help establish. >> 's reelection campaign before taking a private sector
10:55 pm
job. we'll keep you posted on gibbs' big decision. -- >> be happy you don't live in new york city. maybe you do. but here's the news. a deadly snake is on the loose in new york city. workers at the bronx doo are on the hunt for an egyptian cobra. they say its bite is not just poisonous, but extremely poisonous. the 20 inch long snake slithered from his or her enclosure friday. the reptile house was closed for the weekend and remains off-limits. zookeepers believe the snake will come out when it gets hungry. that's when they plan to capture him. there you have the best of the resident. >> what is the vice president's dream job? here's a hint from jimmy fallon. think new york yankees. that's next. [ male announcer ] the network.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time. did vice president joe biden miss his calling? jimmy fallon thinks he might have. >> this week vice president biden visited yankee spring training and said this is what i want to do with my life wh. biden said that, he was playing the game where you pick which hat has the baseball on it. like no, no, number two. two. no. it's three. two, darn it. i can't believe it. >> that is your last call.


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